Heavy weight, large sized or hazardous cargos are no problem for our skilled and dedicated crew to deliver.

Whether you want solutions for transport by road, air freight, customs handling or a complete package for your logistical problem, we offer it all. By contracting out your business to Dutch Freight Services, you put a lot of confidence in us. Something we appreciate and respect. Therefore establishing a long-term relationship with you and your business is our priority.

We will fulfil the promises we make to you with total dedication every time, whatever the challenge.


We can take care of the importation and exportation of both grouped and container shipping.

Our primary destinations are:

  • The Far East: directly from and to all mainports.
  • The United States: directly from and to all mainports. 

We also provide all transports before and after shipping, whether it concerns import or export deliveries. We know the importance of just-in-time deliveries, DDP and DAP. We take care of these special conditions at any time and any place.

Value added logistics

You can contract out more logistical activities to us besides transportation and storage. We already have the knowledge and facilities, so let us take these activities off your hands.

We can take care of your complete logistical business, so you don’t have to handle it yourself. Below you can see some of the possibilities we can offer you. Contact us for more information about all the possibilities and we can find out what suits you and your business best.

Fiscal representation

Full control on your stock

Assurance of goods

Packing, repacking and labeling of products


Logistical communication facilities through EDI and e-commerce

Blending, grinding or assembling products


Customs clearance and other customs activities